More Than Half Way Through It

This has been a weird year to say the least, it might get even crazier but I am ready

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Monthly Update

         I think I have finally reached an impasse, My life and my BLOG are no longer as parallel as it has been. I have no idea when my last  "picture" post will be, but I am just tired of filling my head with images of "cute boys". I am drifting off the path I have set for myself. 

         I am determined to finish out the year and giving up on all my viewers and followers is not what I want to do. What I do plan to do is become a mostly "word" BLOG.

That means more writings, which is what I have promised for so long. The reason behind my writings is to bring a thought process into the fold. I don't know everything, no one does. I just feel that when I have an epiphany, I must share these thoughts and feelings. 

I am literally playing "tug of war" with my mind and with my life and I am going "bonkers" because of it.

On a separate and better note, Boys of Summer Volume 3 has surpassed Teaser by a thousand before the November 1st deadline

 I am finishing Childhood Bullies Part 3 and The Measure of a Man 2, it is just "beating the shit" of me trying to make sure that the whole worlds reads it correctly and something like " I love you" isn't translated to "go suck a duck".

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Author's Request

          I have been completely blown away on how many Countries have shown up in my stat board. I have got back virtually all my viewers from Project Pretty Boy MRK 1, but one stat is missing. Somewhere in the most desolate region on Earth, some one from Antarctica came a stat I will never forget and will always be proud of. What is the probability that my BLOG would be viewed from a place that is so removed from the world we know.

          Some one out there at the bottom of the world is some one that can once again give the most awesome stat board I could ever hope for. All seven Continents is something most BLOG's don't have and if I get it, I will make a page long tribute to a place most will never go, most would not want to go and so many more know nothing about.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Monthly Update

          I am a Libra, this is now Autumn and I represent the only inanimate object on the Zodiac. We listen, we care, we attempt to solve everyone else's problems but our own. Most of us were conceived between Chistmas and New Years Day and that's why we are full of love.

My mind has literally flown apart putting together the next set of writings, along the way resting, catching my breathe or in this case, my fingers.

I find myself unable to comprehend how this world got the way it did, another Libra trait

October is when I will let my little demon out and I am going to scare the livin daylights out of all those monsters who think they can frighten me. Watch and see just how weak our enemies truly are.

Take it Off! 1

Mica's Pick Volume 20

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf