2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Too Short A Season

May 8, 2008-May 8, 2016

          It has been 5 months since my last posting and I feel strong enough to return to my regular duties. I have found a new inspiration, one that has driven me to complete this journey, for so many of my fellow Bloggers and so many more of my viewers have joined with me in making this world better for us and our children. Our children are our key to survival, happiness and the only way to pass on curtain traits and traditions.

          I have been reading and asking questions in order to better understand and to better serve the one's whom I care deeply for. That doesn't include just my family, it includes all of you, even those who are not reading this.

          I will also be bringing to light a whole list of issues that must be addressed on a large scale and my Blog is the perfect delivery system. I have mentioned several times that I am not an (All Wise One), however I believe my perspective and prospective can do a world of good, that's why I am here.

                   This social experiment has taken me through some dark ass forests, I have seen and heard things that "quite frankly" scares me to pieces. but I know it has all been worth it.

          Seriously though, I have enjoyed going from a lonely young man on the internet curious about "things" to a lonely successful Blogger running with the "big dogs". In the beginning, I had only "The Rainbow is Ours" and a collection of descriptively named pics I had in short supply. I was 24 years old and not even half as wise or as jaded, Then the first shut down, due most likely by the "Google Hunter Killer". When I returned, I Came up with "Major Cuties" and it became an instant hit.

Project Prettboy is more than a place I "preach" to others, I learn right along with all of you. Often I figure out something new amidst typing, many more times by re-reading my writings. Every single word I bring to you is from the Core of my Being, "All Bullshit Aside", no bias, plenty of opinion backed as much as possible by factual statement.


What You Can Expect To See This Year:

"The Measure of a Man 2"
"The Rainbow is Ours Part 2"
"Kids: The Next Generation 2"
"Right and Wrong Are Just Words Part 3"
Statistical Probabilities
"Nothing Human 2" and "The Inner Light 2"


Some new rules are now in effect:

  1. Sometimes in Birds of a Feather there are guys in a sleepover in bed or in curtain scenes that could have gotten some people in trouble, so I will not post any photo of this nature.---I will also remove past photos of this nature, although that may take some time.

2. I have referred to some "boys" as being hot or sexy, no more. However phrases like Cute and Adorable are well within reason

3. This one has been in effect since Project Prettyboy MRK2----No GPS. I refuse to propagate this most grievous of errors in personal security.

4. Age Cap- Until now, the perceived age was not largely considered. None of my pics need to stay above 18 years of age, however 16 years of age is my limit for shirtless poses.

5. Fowl Language- Oh for Pete's sake, how the dingle/dangle am I going to truly convey  with expressive unhindered thought the deepest of meanings without "word enhancers".


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ancestral Terrestrial 2

Some say Extra-Terrestrial's have been "our" guidance for constructing monuments in their honor, I say Bologna, Hogwash, Balderdash, Malarkey, Ox Droppings. Quit Pulling my leg and stop, halt and fully realize before I am done that the "Ancient Alien" theorists are "spewing" nothing more than Cow "patties"

The truth in History is more than likely in what has been buried or diverted from thought rather than what has been preserved "loudly". The word "Alien" is defined as one whom originates elsewhere, that covers just about all of us. The 2nd most perplexing question ever asked is "Are we alone" in the Universe? This question is still asked today, therefore it is not quite answered, as of yet!

Humanity carries a duality, it runs deeper than most people can comprehend. The "ancient Greek" mythos provided a clue to this when it describes the division that caused the creation of "Man" and "Woman". We are forced to be forever searching for our "other" half and that is a "Duat".

This philosophy actually originates from whom the ancient Greeks regard as their ancients. This reclusive Race of "beings" had tools and machinery far more advanced than any other and could construct structures to survive the centuries. Thier mathematical specifications even baffle engineers to this day, hence why "Ancient Alien" theorists know very little to nothing about what they are trying to say.

Ptolemy proved through mathematical equations that in the "Tera-centric" sky, the planets and stars spiral around themselves while striding across the "Heavens". But why blame "him" for thinking that, As there is as much of the Universe to "your right" as there is to "your left". It was merely prospective of a perspective, what "he" lacked is an outside perspective. Mainstream society has been told one thing, but I have learned another. For example, an Orca has been called a killer "whale" and a Koala has been referred to as a "bear". On top of all that, rarely can a story survive a line of 10 people, let alone when you try telling a story to a million people with different tongues across 5,000 years to those whom speak different languages. You get people who think the Latin meaning for "flying chariot" translates into "hovering craft".

I would be incredibly ignorant to believe Earth has the only life in the Universe. To believe "we" Humans are the only intelligent or capable beings in this galaxy is even more ignorant. I would even have to admit the very real possibility of "alien visitors". But several undeniable facts stand firmly against an "extra" terrestrial influence on our ancestors.

First, every one of the supposed alien monuments are constructed using a Humans perspective. Second, If there was a Race of beings capable of ">C velocity", they would want little to nothing from "early" Humans. Third, having us to worship and idolize them, they would have "set up shop" and never would have left. In other words, they would have had to wipe us out or conquer us, that didn't happen. Forth, If they did try to help or conquer us, it is quite unlikely they would have survived the "common cold" or we would not have survived their common sicknesses. Fifth and the most damning evidence can be the fact we don't treat our own "kind" well, so another being so different than us would not have been treated any better!

I find all "ancient alien" theories offensive due to the mere fact that they put so very little faith in Humanity and it's true reasoning is "IN MY OPINION" sort of racist. When you consider ants developed Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning more than 500 million years ago and did that through chemical communication, you realize how very much "our" abilities are underestimated or how some think Technological Advancement never suffered a regress.

Instead of believing "little green men" did it, consider that a "brown" skin with a "brain" could have done it with what seems to be grossly absent from "modern man", workmanship.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Either-Or Volume 2


          It would be so hard for me to choose. I have had both cats and dogs of all ages and I have found it is best to get an animal as a baby. Not only are they cutest at that age, but it is easier to form a bond with them. The best way to forge a rewarding relationship of any kind with any "thing" is to share your time with one another.  One of the first and most damning mistakes is to not share "bedtime". Even though flea's, hygiene and allergy issue's may keep you from sleeping with your pet, they are usually open for compromise , of some sort.

          Even thought the word Canine simply means to have Canine teeth, the term Canine refers to "Man's Best Friend" The dog, "Man's First Friend" has tagged along with humans long before domestication. Some archaeological evidence suggests 35 to 40,000 years ago, we already knew how to train them. Not that it is all that difficult, dogs want nothing more than to please their master. There's an Alpha Dog and then there's a Human Master. We are "gold" to them and as long as you respect and understand how and why their mind works, you will find that they are "golden receivers". Dogs are loyal, sincere, protective, compassionate and affectionate and they deserve no less from us

          Felis Silvestris Catus,  at first glance a "typical" household cat is soft, gentile, docile and tame. They make the perfect couch cushions, they can do the most adorable things, they make the strangest noises and they love to rub up against you and anything else around. Cats are very sincere, they are really passionate and they demand affection from whom they pick as their Human. All felines are nocturnal and they are the absolute best at hunting vermin. Although all this make them great for the home, they lack the ability to fend off an intruder, but they are more than capable of saving you from a house fire.

            Our "pets" are our companions, our family and our sanity. We look "up" to them when we are "down" and as always, a relationship goes both ways. Both Dogs and Cats love to bring us gifts, more often than not it is "something" they have just killed and they just want us to recognize and appreciate that.

Please treat animals with the respect they deserve and Do Not Allow the abuse of our most trusting of friends

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Boys of Summer 1 The Movie

           This is in honor of Boys of Summer Volume 3, which has made it to 10,000 hits and it has shown up in the last 2 hours stat, the last 24 hours stat, the month stat and the all-time stat. It was trailing behind Teaser for 2years until last December when it just took off running and now it nearly has twice the stats.

          My favorite pic from Volume 3 is pic #7, a shirtless blond boy on a beach can be cuter than 5 kittens. 

          I found this video on Youtube, he is simply the cutest blond boy I have seen this week, he's worth 10 kittens. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ancestral Terrestrial

          Light, it has been called many things, a particle, a wave, a Photon. One thing is clear, a laser gun has no recoil. Sir Issac Newton proposed a set of "laws" on how physical matter behaves more than three centuries ago and yet these scientists with all their equations, they can't grasp reality.

Reality is, this world is way to beautiful to destroy just cause "we brats" can't grow up and get a grip on what is really going down. 

In this whole fight over "black and white", no one has much heard of the "brown". they remain seclusive for many reasons, not the least of which happens to be History. 

          No Government Official would ever admit the "possibility" of "Aliens". And yet, when confronted with the idea that Central American indigenous were the true "ancients", they fold like a deck of cards. Isn't more likely that 100,000 men carrying 100,000 pounds amounted to only 1 pound or less for each man. Rough bro, with little to no pay, constant snaps of a whip, no dental and little to no strain, no wonder why they needed an anti-gravity lift! 

          Same thing, only different, but exactly the same, is that not backwards talk, History is full of this. The Sun-dial is older than "The Flintstones", that long ago some "brown skin" had to know the planet was round. "beyond this place, there be dragons", was said to lure away any thought of traveling to the Amerinds. History is said to be written by the Victorious. That means it can't be completely accurate. Our true ancients were molding soft lava rock into tools and statues, that can be called their "iron Age" while the rest of us were in the "Stone Age". "The ones on the long boats are from a far"and they were said to have mystic vision. Their Mathematical skills were unmatched as well and pretty much still is.

          Further more, it is been proven time and time again that the less advanced is swamped or destroyed by the more advanced. If by chance they were benevolent enough to not kill us, they would have considered not even messing with us.  It is way more likely that "brown skins" and their marvelous craftsmanship, along with their almost immortal workmanship and distant origins earned them the term "alien"

Monday, April 27, 2015

My Country Is In Distress 2

"We the People" are angry, betrayed and told to just take it.

          The United States of America is in dire straights, this is becoming the most tense situation we have faced this generation. There is absolute chaos in our street's, civil unrest among our people and it may get darker before it get's lighter. 

          This is a "Nation Under God", Indivisible and yet, we may finally have reached a breaking point. The fire has been lit and the weakest and mindless of us have decided to go "bonkers". These mal-contents are using one of our most cherished "Bill of Rights" as an excuse to cause unrest. They are not fighting for a cause, they are just fighting. Soon, if it does not stop, we are going to face a small "Civil War". 

This behavior is not unnecessary however. It is proof that "things" are just not right. It is a culmination of years of abuse by the one's who are entrusted to "Serve and Protect" us.

The majority of "Law "Enforcement" will do their "duty", without question risk and sometimes lose their lives getting us "citizens" out of trouble.

What's going on in Baltimore, Maryland-U.S.A. is no longer about a poor mistreated prisoner, it has now in the "Grey" area


Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf