2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Monlthy Update

           It has been a long while since my last post and I am still trying to recover my files from my busted computer. That snag won't stop me for long. I want to wait to post pictures until I recover my hard drive.

I have some good news on my end, the Managing Editor at Simply SXY has asked me to participate in their mission to bring a better prospective to sexuality. They have an enormous amount of ways to find what "gets you good".

A new journey begins for me here, for I now have new inspiration. I feel rested and alert. A little more able to get my head back in the game. 
Since I have no pics, I must resort to what I am really about. My writings illustrate kindness, tolerance, open-mindedness and compassion. Qualities and principles that most people don't follow and their lives are worst for it, if not now, later

 No one knows what the future holds, but if you hold on to morality, I promise you will be better for it, if not now,later

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf