2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Epidemy of Cuteness 4

One of the cutest things to watch is a set or group of youngsters at play. What is remarkable is how not so uniquely Human "horseplay" is. In fact, another uniquely Human trait, humor, is necessary for "horseplay"

What at first seems like an attack, is merely a show of dominance and affection. Judging by the deeper colors and overall excitement, the one on top is male and the other is female, I could be wrong however. This categorization is usually accurate in most mammals, but there are exceptions.

These two Raccoons look and act very similar to the Ewoks of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. Those fury little rascals may not have been a match for "The Empire", but they were a match for ours hearts.

Sleepy Cuties Volume 13

Mica's Pick Volume 22

Boxer's or Brief's Volume 13

Birds of a Feather Volume 19

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

          Imagine a world where no matter what direction you turned, there would be some one who gave you a "bear hug" every 5 minutes. This world is just slap full of people exchanging those hugs, every one of them has a "shit eating" grin on their face. The people all wear white clothing and grey shoe's and no one had a "potty" mouth. In this world, there is no need for Law Enforcement for there is no disputes of any kind, what so ever. The news articles would be full of stories about how to plant flowers, walk your dog, feed your cat and you only had healthy, wholesome and nutritious food to eat.

          I honestly and truly believe that would pretty much be utter Hell for most of us. So I am glad I live in this world. This world where only a few people smile back, where I can go an entire week before I see a door being held for an old lady. A place where so many people are so different from each other, always fighting and arguing. In this world, tiny toddlers are telling their parents to "piss"off. Somewhere that on a regular basis, a kid decides to unload a AK 47 during lunch period. A world where every mile of road you drive, you encounter 10 idiots, 5 jerks and 2 cross's along the roadside. 

          I'll tell you what, I am so thankful to not live in a opaque, dismal and dreary world. I want to thank each and every one of you heartless, thoughtless weak minded fools for illustrating on such a blunt and obvious level the difference between the light and dark. Those of you who feel like being cold, inconsiderate, rude and down righ mean or homicidal will have a very special place in my gut, amidst a fatal bowel obstruction so vile and dank, right where you belong.

Trick or Treat Volume 0

           As this is as far from eye candy as I felt I should go, it may be prudent and even necessary to un-see this entire post. Unfortunately, so many things are forever etched in our mind and may or may not lead to a psychosis of some sort.

Have no fear, this will NOT become a series, If I gave any of my fellow Bloggers or any of my viewers a Massive Heart Attack, I am so very sorry I was not there to watch you DIE!!!!!

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf