2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Measure of a Man

          Once upon a time, basic "Human Rights" did not exist for any one, any where. it was a "dog eat dog" world. Only if you were a King and had all you wanted could you get all you wanted. As societies grew, more and more people wanted freedom from tyrants who cared very little, if any, about the "lower class". Things got "ugly", but eventually peace was restored by granting rights to "men" with enough money to purchase land for their "sovereignty".

     It then took a long time for the average person to win the right to own property. This new struggle "blew" the minds of the now very wealthy "controllers" of society. Why would a common place person want things, they asked.

     What most people don't see is the relationship between the "Toilers" and the "Liesures". These two oppositely ended groups in a society are often formed by the same types of people and every society that has totally separated these groups has had "civil" war.

     The United States Civil War was bloody, disastrous, costly, informative, ground breaking and it took over 100 years for it's message to be heard again. The Emancipation Proclamation was written in 1865 but in 1965, some one who's skin was darker than average "legally" could not interact, they were segregated. Most of us today have friends of another color, whom we wouldn't trade for the world. That is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Ultimate Dream come true.

     Who really has the right to own what? That is the real question to be asked. Land, homestead, automobile(s), But to own a Human Being, you see, the word property can be defined in any way society wants.

The right to be treated equally is a battle we must all face. No one is safe from discrimination of any type because we are all different and exactly the same. 

Febuary Monthly Update

     I have not posted much this month because I just need a break every so often. I still do not have my own ISP, however you can bet when I do! I know, what the hell keeps me from getting one already. Let's just say it's domestic in nature.

Spring has not yet sprung in most places, but from where I am, winter has just about quit it's shivery onslaught 

March 17 2014 will be 1 year since my return to blogger and I am preparing a little treat for my loyal fans and it will only be available on that day

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf