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Monday, May 4, 2015

Ancestral Terrestrial

          Light, it has been called many things, a particle, a wave, a Photon. One thing is clear, a laser gun has no recoil. Sir Issac Newton proposed a set of "laws" on how physical matter behaves more than three centuries ago and yet these scientists with all their equations, they can't grasp reality.

Reality is, this world is way to beautiful to destroy just cause "we brats" can't grow up and get a grip on what is really going down. 

In this whole fight over "black and white", no one has much heard of the "brown". they remain seclusive for many reasons, not the least of which happens to be History. 

          No Government Official would ever admit the "possibility" of "Aliens". And yet, when confronted with the idea that Central American indigenous were the true "ancients", they fold like a deck of cards. Isn't more likely that 100,000 men carrying 100,000 pounds amounted to only 1 pound or less for each man. Rough bro, with little to no pay, constant snaps of a whip, no dental and little to no strain, no wonder why they needed an anti-gravity lift! 

          Same thing, only different, but exactly the same, is that not backwards talk, History is full of this. The Sun-dial is older than "The Flintstones", that long ago some "brown skin" had to know the planet was round. "beyond this place, there be dragons", was said to lure away any thought of traveling to the Amerinds. History is said to be written by the Victorious. That means it can't be completely accurate. Our true ancients were molding soft lava rock into tools and statues, that can be called their "iron Age" while the rest of us were in the "Stone Age". "The ones on the long boats are from a far"and they were said to have mystic vision. Their Mathematical skills were unmatched as well and pretty much still is.

          Further more, it is been proven time and time again that the less advanced is swamped or destroyed by the more advanced. If by chance they were benevolent enough to not kill us, they would have considered not even messing with us.  It is way more likely that "brown skins" and their marvelous craftsmanship, along with their almost immortal workmanship and distant origins earned them the term "alien"


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  2. Fucking rubbish. Nothing based on fact or education. dream on...smoke your weed..

    1. Haha, this guy is why no one cares. I actually truly believe whole-heartedly Earth is not the only place in an infinite Universe that has life. I also believe with the right tools, know-how and man power anything is possible, this guy doesn't. In honor of such a "bonehead" statement, I will make a Part 2, with "all the trimmings".---------Nothing personal, it's just we must give credit where credit is due and I'm gonna

  3. Not to mention the fact I am totally in agreement of the idea of following the ways of our "Ancestral Terrestrial" Ancestors.

  4. More Pseudoscience and a waste of words. Next you will be saying there is an old man in the sky with a beard called god!

  5. I'll tell you whats Pseudoscience, the idea that "extra-terrestrials" is the only explanation for curtain perfectly made structures just because we can't do that now. Actually we can, but not with lasers. The sharpest edge known to man is lava rock sheared off at a steep right angle. This guy, like so many others seems to have been cut by "Occam's razor" while shaving History. The simplest explanation is usually the right one and diverting to "little green men" rather than accepting Central American's were smarter than you is just ignorant.

  6. There is no such thing as brown people other than there ate people who are brown skinned. The concept of race is an anthropological recipe to follow he movements of various peoples ... molars are a better way than skin color, but are less obvious. 'ALIEN' is a legal term every country or kingdom uses to talk of outsiders. It is the common diplomatic 'who the f are you' term. Go and be an outsider in some certain neighborhoods and see what happens to you ... you might become an outsider 'victim' [or an equal to those ostracized even as they are from the 'them' and made into an outsider]. The idea of SETI is as absurd as pet rocks ... but a fun idea .. and that is that. Pet rocks made millions in sales. So, Carl Sagan's ideas cost millions. Pockets both ways. Racism is idea, belief, following, and money maker, as is god and religion (see local church and followers !) Be an outsider and see if you last long.


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