2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

My New Writings (continuing)

Ancestral Terrestrial 2

Some say Extra-Terrestrial's have been "our" guidance for constructing monuments in their honor, I say Bologna, Hogwash, Balderdash, Malarkey, Ox Droppings. Quit Pulling my leg and stop, halt and fully realize before I am done that the "Ancient Alien" theorists are "spewing" nothing more than Cow "patties"

The truth in History is more than likely in what has been buried or diverted from thought rather than what has been preserved "loudly". The word "Alien" is defined as one whom originates elsewhere, that covers just about all of us. The 2nd most perplexing question ever asked is "Are we alone" in the
Universe? This question is still asked today, therefore it is not quite answered, as of yet!

Humanity carries a duality, it runs deeper than most people can comprehend. The "ancient Greek" mythos provided a clue to this when it describes the division that caused the creation of "Man" and "Woman". We are forced to be forever searching for our "other" half and that is a "Duat".

This philosophy actually originates from whom the ancient Greeks regard as their ancients. This reclusive Race of "beings" had tools and machinery far more advanced than any other and could construct structures to survive the centuries. Thier mathematical specifications even baffle engineers to this day, hence why "Ancient Alien" theorists know very little to nothing about what they are trying to say.

Ptolemy proved through mathematical equations that in the "Tera-centric" sky, the planets and stars spiral around themselves while striding across the "Heavens". But why blame "him" for thinking that, As there is as much of the Universe to "your right" as there is to "your left". It was merely prospective of a perspective, what "he" lacked is an outside perspective.

Mainstream society has been told one thing, but I have learned another. For example, an Orca has been called a killer "whale" and a Koala has been referred to as a "bear". On top of all that, rarely can a story survive a line of 10 people, let alone when you try telling a story to a million people with different tongues across 5,000 years to those whom speak different languages. You get people who think the Latin meaning for "flying chariot" translates into "hovering craft".

I would be incredibly ignorant to believe Earth has the only life in the Universe. To believe "we" Humans are the only intelligent or capable beings in this galaxy is even more ignorant. I would even have to admit the very real possibility of "alien visitors". But several undeniable facts stand firmly against an "extra" terrestrial influence on our ancestors.

First, every one of the supposed alien monuments are constructed using a Humans perspective. Second, If there was a Race of beings capable of ">C velocity", they would want little to nothing from "early" Humans. Third, having us to worship and idolize them, they would have "set up shop" and never would have left. In other words, they would have had to wipe us out or conquer us, that didn't happen. Forth, If they did try to help or conquer us, it is quite unlikely they would have survived the "common cold" or we would not have survived their common sicknesses. Fifth and the most damning evidence can be the fact we don't treat our own "kind" well, so another being so different than us would not have been treated any better!

I find all "ancient alien" theories offensive due to the mere fact that they put so very little faith in Humanity and it's true reasoning is "IN MY OPINION" sort of racist. When you consider ants developed Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning more than 500 million years ago and did that through chemical communication, you realize how very much "our" abilities are underestimated or how some think Technological Advancement never suffered a regress.
Instead of believing "little green men" did it, consider that a "brown" skin with a "brain" could have done it with what seems to be grossly absent from "modern man", workmanship.

Ancestral Terrestrial

          Light, it has been called many things, a particle, a wave, a Photon. One thing is clear, a laser gun has no recoil. Sir Issac Newton proposed a set of "laws" on how physical matter behaves more than three centuries ago and yet these scientists with all their equations, they can't grasp reality.

Reality is, this world is way to beautiful to destroy just cause "we brats" can't grow up and get a grip on what is really going down. 

In this whole fight over "black and white", no one has much heard of the "brown". they remain seclusive for many reasons, not the least of which happens to be History. 

          No Government Official would ever admit the "possibility" of "Aliens". And yet, when confronted with the idea that Central American indigenous were the true "ancients", they fold like a deck of cards. Isn't more likely that 100,000 men carrying 100,000 pounds amounted to only 1 pound or less for each man. Rough bro, with little to no pay, constant snaps of a whip, no dental and little to no strain, no wonder why they needed an anti-gravity lift! 

          Same thing, only different, but exactly the same, is that not backwards talk, History is full of this. The Sun-dial is older than "The Flintstones", that long ago some "brown skin" had to know the planet was round. "beyond this place, there be dragons", was said to lure away any thought of traveling to the Amerinds. History is said to be written by the Victorious. That means it can't be completely accurate. Our true ancients were molding soft lava rock into tools and statues, that can be called their "iron Age" while the rest of us were in the "Stone Age". "The ones on the long boats are from a far"and they were said to have mystic vision. Their Mathematical skills were unmatched as well and pretty much still is.

          Further more, it is been proven time and time again that the less advanced is swamped or destroyed by the more advanced. If by chance they were benevolent enough to not kill us, they would have considered not even messing with us.  It is way more likely that "brown skins" and their marvelous craftsmanship, along with their almost immortal workmanship and distant origins earned them the term "alien"

My Country is in Distress 2

"We the People" are angry, betrayed and told to just take it.

          The United States of America is in dire straights, this is becoming the most tense situation we have faced this generation. There is absolute chaos in our street's, civil unrest among our people and it may get darker before it get's lighter. 

          This is a "Nation Under God", Indivisible and yet, we may finally have reached a breaking point. The fire has been lit and the weakest and mindless of us have decided to go "bonkers". These mal-contents are using one of our most cherished "Bill of Rights" as an excuse to cause unrest. They are not fighting for a cause, they are just fighting. Soon, if it does not stop, we are going to face a small "Civil War". 

This behavior is not unnecessary however. It is proof that "things" are just not right. It is a culmination of years of abuse by the one's who are entrusted to "Serve and Protect" us.

The majority of "Law "Enforcement" will do their "duty", without question risk and sometimes lose their lives getting us "citizens" out of trouble.

What's going on in Baltimore, Maryland-U.S.A. is no longer about a poor mistreated prisoner, it has now in the "Grey" area


Happy 422  

          Today is 4-22, the day we celebrate Earth. This planet is about 24,000 Kilometers around, traveling through "space" at about 107,000 Km/Hr and if it spun the other way, the Coriolis Effect wouldn't cancel out those forces and Earth would have been a "dead stick" from the start.

          At approximately 4.6 billion years old, it has been "home" to countless organism's and has had many face's. Geological history has proven a whole list of disasters, cataclysms and catastrophes have constantly afflicted this little world. Each has made it's mark, one of the largest "Extinction Events" is called the "Great Dying". There was a time in which every square mile of the planet had life of all types, but only the plants could have been seen from space. In the "Great Dying", roughly 90% of all life got cooked, burnt and buried.  The remnants compacted and the Hydro-Carbons that remained later became "fossil fuels".

The most abundant mineral is SiO2, Silicon Dioxide and while it contributes to 90% of Earth's composition, the surface is only about 30% land. This is where the most familiar animals are found. There are nearly as many enigmas here as there is below "sea level", it is just now we have finally solved the puzzle behind the "cookie cutter" shapes to the continents. It is quite clear, on the surface any way, seismic activity is responsible. What is still unclear is exactly what drives the greatest "dynamic" to Earth's characteristics.

Even though Earth consists of only 1% water, it covers around 70% of it's surface. That vastly unexplored final frontier has so many secrets, only now have we learned many of the life thought to be gone forever has simply hidden beneath the waves. At the deepest point, life had to re-engineer itself to live in "visible light" darkness. However, when using other spectrum's of light, the entire environment illuminates under brilliant combinations of color most people, including me, may never see. The shapes and sizes of creatures found in this "incredible abyss" range literally from one extreme to another. Both the smallest and largest life forms will always call this eco-system home.

          The "fire" of Earth can be found every where. Land, sea and air have many types of fire, the most familiar form is a molten rock. Found in all oceans and across all lands, it is also the most numerous. Feeding growth and sustaining Bio-chemical energy, magma contains all bio-chemical elements and supports another form of Earth's fire. Another supporter of the flame is almost as numerous, lightning is the result of electro-negative potential discharge. This "fire" is 10 times the of surface of the Sun in temperature and no where else on the planet can get any hotter! Being the manifestation of destruction and creation, it is the coolest.

No "fire" can happen without this weirdest of oceans. "Mother Earth's" breathe is 70% Nitrogen , 25% Oxygen and 5% of all the other gases. Almost every all animals are "bottom dwellers" and even fish have been known to function here. Birds are formed similar to fish and shrimp are similar to scorpions, so all forms of life are mirrors to each other. The only difference between Humans and animals is the form and the time they have to learn life. The "air" is every where is not just a "gas". It is the energy put out, Human thought is powerful and that makes us part of the "air"

        No matter how destructive the scenario, "Mother" has always taken care of "us". "She" has made many sacrifices in order to make herself ready for Humans, Some of the coolest plants and animals had to step aside, for we could never have made it this far not being the most aggressive or most powerful. It has been written that "we humans can not destroy this world", well no. Even if you pound your fists to the ground, no harm will come to "mother". But, we have built machines to be many times more powerful than us to do jobs we can't do. so, by that reckoning, could you still say we can't harm Earth! If you can, please note you may be an idiot! The Ganges of India, Chernobyl's core is still "melting down", Every single last gasoline powered engine is replacing good atmospheric gases with the gases of "Venus" and if that is not enough to convince you to respect, honor and Love "Mother Earth", you can still "turn green" and quit breathing out all that Carbon Dioxide.

All this is "orchestrated" by what can only be called a "spirit" and no matter how you rationalize, If you can consider "God", you can consider "Gaia".

Childhood Bullies Part 3

          A bully is one who without shame, use's intimidation or down-right brute strength in order to feel "whole". But, in fact they are cowards, they are so frightened of "something", it makes them cower and hide behind meanness.  A bully is the manifestation of the phrase, "misery loves company”.

          30 years ago, The idea of "bullies" only existed in or around the "school yard". You would either lose your lunch money or fight back, of coarse, you might still lose your lunch money. That was it, now, after so long of ignoring our kids and how they "feel", this very common and necessary step of "growing up" has turned into a High School Death Match. Every last, I mean ever single last danger or threat can be found in just about any grade, including Homocidal Gunmen. 30 years ago, that was un-heard of.

          These kids are subjected, daily, to the possibilities of--- waking up dead because their parents or family has gone "bonkers". They then try and not get hit by a vehicle of some sort. On the way to school, "I must trust that the bus driver is sober and alert". "Or, what if that mean kid messes with me". At School, "panic, utter panic"! "Is that girl/boy starring me down, does he/she like me or hate me?" "What is that teacher looking at?" "What do you mean I can't sit here!" "No one knows this, thank god, but I want a hug". "Now, reverse that process and go home".----This is what goes through the mind of most kids at school, some scenarios are more intense than others with each child.

          Can we honestly blame even the bully, he or she is already fighting whats at home or whatever is in their mind. Most victims of bullying will continue on their way, as they should. However, some kids fell trapped, cornered and alone, even in a crowd of friends. For kids who have no friends, life can be a little too much to handle. So some decide it's time to go.

          School staff and parents are turning to lawmakers to fix this problem, and in there lies the problem. Once again, and like so many other problems we face, the solution is where or what we hide from. Our children are begging us adults with the real power to just fix it.

          This problem must be fought from inside, that means teaching our children to face head-on, what is called "Life'. Through out our lives, we encounter demons, monsters who's sol purpose is to tear apart the fabric of society. Like with any fabric, no matter how strong, one little snip is all it takes.

          With so many adversaries around us, it is easy to forget the most powerful enemy can often be found from within. That is the biggest and best challenge one faces. Once you defeat your own demons, the others will seem like weak, vulnerable and frightened animals.

    Our own natural tendencies started this, so I think they are the only solution. "Nature or Nurture", "spare the rod, spoil the child", "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". These phrases could help, but phrases like " If you can't beat them, join them" is why so many of the bullied become bullies.     

Nothing Human  

          To flip out, wig out, snap, blow a mind gasket, some one or something has just lit your fuse, you better run. We have seen more tragedies in the last 10 years than there has been since Leonardo da Vinci, that means something, doesn't?

          So woven is this web, so needless. Elementary School Shootings and Stabbings, Goddamn-it anyways. What in the sheep herders flocking Hell

          People are under so much undue stress, I really can't blame those whom are ready to just "go bonkers". All of you whom are rude ass drivers, spreading hate not love, throwing demented faces not Heart-felt smiles---You are to blame, but not all together though.

          Shadows and sunlight, good and evil. Light has a source, it shines bright, making the roaches scurry under things. Things that block the light, like ignorance. Shadows need that block to continue being shadows.

          Huge industrial factories pumping out so much filth that nature herself can't keep up with. Type 6 plastic is the only room temperature solid water can't dissolve and rivers that have been around for millennia have surrendered to "man". But not for long, soon a wrath never before seen will soon do what it does best, remodel.

          Unfortunately, Lions, Tigers and Bears will be cutting there feet on broken glass until the Sun goes Nova!

          Well shit, maybe not so much any more, but "back in the day" animals were subjected to experimental perfumes and pigments often leading to severe allergic reactions. In the name of science we rationed for years, until those tree-hugging squeamish kooks, like me, said enough, you heartless, mindless whack-jobs.

          Take that "fire in the belly"that you should have and use it to blind the piss of out those fools.

Everything, everything has a design. I am sorry, but I have to nip this in the bud right now. A design implies purpose and a purpose implies a program. OK, genius's, now what. A program implies a programer, GOD. Whom or What ever you know that to be, it is and we all have a direct line.

Here is a scenario that best fits our situation as I understand it. Momma is run ragged, the whole house is trashed, grand-ma's garden has foot prints all over it and brother and sister are fighting and won't stop. Now, what do you think might happen when Papa gets home from work.

Operator, can you connect me back to 000 myself, please.

The Inner Light 


"What is a piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, in form, in moving, how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god"-----William Shakespeare-----

          Human is not just a word, it's a term. Kindness of heart, generosity of spirit, curiosity of mind and playfulness of soul, that's Humans being. Being Human is not just having 23 pairs of chromosomes belonging to the sub-species Primate. It involves a whole range of thinking, most people are not used to. Humanity is a larger than life jigsaw puzzle and the reason it is not yet assembled is so simple, it has completely blown my mind.

          We as Humans are still evolving. In most animals, the Vertebrae connects to the back of the skull. The Vertebrae of an ape connects to the bottom. This allowed a unique formation of our brains. The Cerebrum is rapped around the Cerebellum causing an astronomical leap in independent thought and an equal drop in aggressive impulses.

          Music soothes even the wildest beast, for us, it spurred the need for society! Building efforts and material know-how has evolved with us and now we have cities like New York. Chimpanzee's also have massive wars, brutal invasions that are as necessary to them as it is to us. While regarded as our closet relatives, the Bonobo have a peaceful coexistence with those who follow strict Hierarchical guidelines. Those that choose an other path often are forced away. Natural Law is Paramount, rock solid, like a Chevrolet.

Some one who won't let a visitor leave without something to eat, A person who would, without question, step in front of a truck for a perfect or even an in-perfect stranger. If there is one thing a Human can't stand, it is a problem with no solution. Further more, to watch a disaster occur and to do nothing is inconceivable to a Human.

Direct intervention is too difficult for any number of people without a common cause and proper communication. Each act of kindness spreads like wild flowers, Each act of meanness spreads like wild fire. The difference is that fire has to burn out, that's it's nature. A flowers nature is to live, let live and grow without end. However, Volcanic ash is the best flower food ever.

Every thing circles something, always around again and we Humans can fly circles around our world and in our minds.

Happy 420 


       Today is the day of 420, the day we celebrate Marijuana. It does not matter why this particular date was chosen, all that matters is your peace of mind and soul.

It has been called many things, Pot, Ganga, Reefer. What ever you choose to call it, those who enjoy smoking it know that it can make a world of difference for many reasons. It can enhance your mood, it can slow the passage of time and allow your mind to stop and think. The "na" sayer"s of the mind wish to lure you away from kindness, love, tolerance. But then you take a puff of this smoke, every one of those mean, nasty and horrible gremlins will run and hide. Thoughts of absolute euphoria and peace only last for a few hours, then back to normality.

Some have called marijuana a gateway drug. That means they think that you will try other things to get an even better "high". However, a true pothead knows better than to go for the "man  made stuff". Nature provide us with all we need for a happy and healthy life.

There is a "whopping huge" difference between a hippie and a pothead. While hippies have shown us the way to salvation, they themselves have obliterated their mind with the "man made stuff". The idea behind getting "stoned" is not to get stupid, but to find your inner voice.

No one back in the "60's" would have believed that it would be legal. Research over the last 20 years has shown that the medicinal properties are undeniable. Cancer patients can hardly eat, they can hardly move due to great body pains and they some times loose hope. That is why "weed" is medicine, it does not just relieve symptoms, it allows your body a fighting chance.

The word medicine has been thrown around and turned upside down. The "Hippocratic Oath" is taken by doctors as a promise to patients that they will help in any way they can. Sadly, so many doctors have not fulfilled their obligation to cure. The "oath" stats that no matter where you are from, no matter who you are, whether you are poor or wealthy "I" will help you "my child".

The word "drug" has also been misused.  If you just mangle your hand in a meat grinder, Morphine is the best. Alcohol is great as an anti-septic and a shot of whiskey once a week has been proven to increase lifespan. Amphetamines (speed) are used in China because of long work hours and focus that is needed. A Coca leaf will sooth even the worst toothache. However, overdoses and awful withdraws follow these drugs like a dog on a leash and that's what you become.

Marijuana is the only drug that can be used recreationaly, free from becoming a "junkie". You  will more than likely pass out or die of smoke inhalation before you overdose. The only withdraw symptoms associated with weed would be your own inability to cope with your surroundings. Pain "killers" aren't just addiction prone because of the drug, it is because not having pain is more addicting..

I dare, I really truly honestly and earnestly triple dog dare any billionaire out there to be the one to sponsor Peace. Could you imagine the power 7 billion people could have with one united thought...

Mistaken Impressions 


          The shark is one of the oldest living organism's and it has shown no signs of becoming extinct. It has maintained it's supremacy of the oceans because it is most likely the most fit animal on earth. It has evolved a great sense of smell, but it's eyesight is horrible, hence the real danger this surfer faces every day of fun. It is within the sharks nature to both see him as a injured seal and to attack him as if he were an injured seal.

          We as humans try and make sense of the world we are brought into, we often group things by what they look like and form an opinion without looking deeper. Stereo-types and per-conceived notions break down social bonds much the same way water breaks down molecular bonds. Water is soft, but will dissolve it all-Words are intangible and yet they can hurt like a knife.

 Sharks like to feel things out, but some times they just take a bite. While the surfer is both offended and relieved that he tastes awful, the damage has been done.

It is widely known that not everything is as it seems, it is also known that first impressions count.

Sell yourself correctly and truthfully

 The Measure of a Man 

          Once upon a time, basic "Human Rights" did not exist for any one, any where. it was a "dog eat dog" world. Only if you were a King and had all you wanted could you get all you wanted. As societies grew, more and more people wanted freedom from tyrants who cared very little, if any, about the "lower class". Things got "ugly", but eventually peace was restored by granting rights to "men" with enough money to purchase land for their "sovereignty".

     It then took a long time for the average person to win the right to own property. This new struggle "blew" the minds of the now very wealthy "controllers" of society. Why would a common place person want things, they asked.

     What most people don't see is the relationship between the "Toilers" and the "Liesures". These two oppositely ended groups in a society are often formed by the same types of people and every society that has totally separated these groups has had "civil" war.

     The United States Civil War was bloody, disastrous, costly, informative, ground breaking and it took over 100 years for it's message to be heard again. The Emancipation Proclamation was written in 1865 but in 1965, some one who's skin was darker than average "legally" could not interact, they were segregated. Most of us today have friends of another color, whom we wouldn't trade for the world. That is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Ultimate Dream come true.

     Who really has the right to own what? That is the real question to be asked. Land, homestead, automobile(s), But to own a Human Being, you see, the word property can be defined in any way society wants.

The right to be treated equally is a battle we must all face. No one is safe from discrimination of any type because we are all different and exactly the same. 

 Homo-phobia Part 2

  Fear is the most basic of Bio-logical responses, it is the most listened to emotion and what most people fear is the unknown. "Fight or Flight" as it is put, means that at the instance of danger, you have two choices.

    The best way to over come a fear is to experience it full force, this however is not an option for most homo-phobes. They would rather die or kill first. See, it's that simple. There will be no peace between LGBT's and homo-phobic's because neither one has realized each others critical mistake. People who wish not to can't just fly away and leave be and those who do wish to never wanted to fight, this my friends is a stalemate, a drum head and a lost battle on both sides before it ever begun.

    I have been working so hard to find some way of resolving an issue. The issue of our right to be ourselves has not been isolated to one group ( color) of people or an other. This struggle is now up to us, regardless of the bitterness, we must LOVE even those who hate us, which is so often our lovers. Complicated, yes, love takes more strength, it takes more courage than most of us have right now, including me.

    Courage and Honor can't be bought or sold, it has to be eared. Love can't be given away or taken, you can only share it. With these qualities in ample supply, our enemies will one no choice but to surrender, one day.

    Hate is the real enemy, not fear. Fear is our guide to safety, hate is will just kill us all. Homo-phobes have done a lot of damage, but LGBT's have to. Most cultures address the female as the sexual interest, regardless of what the (L) stands for. But women have been even more mistreated than what the (G) stands for. If there is one thing homo-phobic people can't stand, it's not just when a guy wants to be or feels like a woman, it's when a guy becomes a woman. (BT)'s however, are not as outcast as G's pretty much just because--Meanness
Chromosomes pretty much say what and who we are. A woman has the XX pair and an egg always carries an XX pair. A man has the XY pair and will give either an XX or an XY. That means only 1/8th of a mans genetic code gives him male characteristics. So there has to be no wonder why some men like other men and why this fight is so futile .

Homo-sapiens is our species, every one of us has Native Central American blood, every one of us has Native African blood and every one of us is related by blood.

The real term for Heterosexuals who fear the different should be Hetero-phobia.

Right And Wrong Are Just Words Part 2

          We all live in this world together, whether we like it or not and we must find a way to lessen the friction between us all. How, there are so many ways to commit "taboo's" intentional or not. For example, some consider a burp a blessing to a meal and if you don't burp, it's considered an insult. Some laws change as soon as you cross a boarder, what makes it alright for one thing but not the other in one area and not the other. 
To make a written rule arbitrarily and to enforce it blindly is just stupid, mean and full of malice, not justice.
There very much is a right and wrong, it's in your heart, you feel it deep. There have been "arab" men who have refused to follow doctrine, to treat there "Baby Girl" with respect, to hell with her being illiterate. That took guts and heart, which is needed to power the "engine of change".
Choose wisely what you consider right and wrong and all our lives will be better for it.

In Our Hand's

 There is a movement that has been underway for as long as time itself, the "engine of change". Through out our lives, most of us have found our place in society, or at least we have a grasp of our future goals. No one knows exactly what they are to become, but we try to find "it" somewhere somehow in someone close in our heats. That is not gender specific, neither is "Love".
What is love? That my friends, far and wide, here and now is something held between two "Hearts". People have hearts, but in the most tragic sense is the problem. What do you feel, right now? are calm, are you empty, are fighting something inside of you,? If not, then you need to "change" because the "Human Condition" is what drives us all and only as a "whole" can we all change that.
The war between "Dolphin's" and "Sharks" will go on as it is needed for a balanced "Ocean". We can't get to tame and yet being to aggressive is NOT what the "Doctor" ordered. Somewhere in the middle is, this Planet needs different cultures and different people for different ideas to come about. 
Knowledge is greater than power and the people are greater than they know. 

Fallen Nymph

     Love is in jeopardy of being over shadowed by Hate. This world is full of all kinds of people wanting to just live peacefully, it's just been made nearly impossible by those few who want anarchy
Resist The Urge To Raise Hell
There are ways the "People of the World" can succeed in peace on Earth, cure our worst of disease's and cancer, FEED the WHOLE world and do it without harming "Mother". But, instead it is going the other way.
Help me and the rest of us or LOVE WILL DIE FOR GOOD 

My country is in distress

Help us, don't hate us. The people of The United States of America are in trouble. I urge everone to get a hold of the movie "Blackhawk Down". It shows the true valus of the "people".
The "American" people have a great heart and would like to do the right by the world. We have just been misguided and lied to for so long
I am NOT a "radical". I am very much what you might call a patriot.
I know there is a bunch out there that don't agree with the U.S. recent actions oversees, "We The People" have not fully realized what our Government has done to us, but not by the majority, by the few that sill have power and SHOULD NOT reflect on America itself

Best of Both Worlds Part 1   

          My two most favorite things in the world, "Weed" and "Major Hotties". None of which, I have really posted about, however, Blogging is about what's on the mind of who ever is Blogging. There is more to me and my thoughts than what you have seen so for.

      Despite this Blogs usual subject matter, the real me is some what different. I am on a "crusade", if you will. "Mica" is just my "Blogger Persona". In the real world, I am not after "Boys", I am not after men of any age. Yes, I am A guy, a "straight" guy who is NOT AT ALL against those guys that feel something for another guy. I do however, adore cuteness. It can be found in all sorts of places, not the least of which is the face of a young "being".
Why is it that even though I have always wanted a girl, I have only found girls to be "sexually" attractive and yet I have also been fascinated over the amazing "Major Cuties" out there?
This is a Blog of a certain expected subject matter and will stay that way for a little longer, but I am changing and growing as a person and so must my views on a lot of stuff.

If by chance, I cause any undue offense to any of my fellow Bloggers or viewers, Please let me know. My E-Mail will be right above the Earth And Moon
Please Help Save Us

Childhood Bullies Part 2

     Everyone must go through it, it is what molded the previous generations before most of us. Go ahead and ask a person of much greater age, what made them who they are. I have and the results are incredible. Most of who I asked told me that their parents had the best influence and some said the worst. What else I ask, well some said their childhood bully! Why is this, I'll tell you why, because they had no choice but to make it work. All some had were themselves, they fought back making them stronger and stronger to the next challenge in life.
     Today's kids are different and exactly the same for various reasons, but the main problem is society, not them. We as "civilized" People, would like to believe we are doing right by ourselves, but we are not. Our children are facing an evermore spiraling and eventually cascading issue. Your right to be what you are is the most "classic" of rights. Our problem, naturally as humans, is we take things to far.
     So many of these kids are putting an end to something they know nothing about and most are not what they were called, they were never going harm anyone and they are so misguided, that confusion is understandably overwhelming. but, it doesn't have  to be.
"it Only Gets Better" is a phrase all well and very good, however it doesn't cut it. That implies that society will mold around "us" as usual. NO, We--All of us, must choose wisely how we can win against the biggest and meanest bully of them all, ourselves


  1. hey, thank you for an outstanding site...wonderful thinking by someone who apparently knows how to think....I just stumbled upon your site and will be tuning in from time to time....in the great question of " why anything? ", make your answer a good one.

  2. hey mica, the new year is made better with the news about legalizing it in colorado...I am planning on moving out there this spring.....it's all over the news here in missouri. Maybe someday missouri will unplug from negativity and join the legalization movement...I will be happy to continue enjoying your excellent site from the pueblo colorado area.....have a liberated year...edd


Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf