2015 is one year I must say a prper goodbye

Man, what an absolutely strange set of monthly updates I have made. I Guess I must also Apologize again for my absence, however it will all be explained. I am still "out of town", but still in contact. Just loving the latest set of comments.

I so would like to give a loud shout out to all my loyal fan--Thanks for sticking with me since August

If you think my newest writing is deep, just wait

As I promised

As my loyal fans already know, I have run into a "one after another" shitstrom. On top of that, I have had personal mental health problems, but I have figured out a way to "trump" my previous writings.

This will be my first "writing trilogy", but not my last. I am reluctant to come out with " Best of Both Worlds Part 2" until I get a fresher journalistic prospective.

It may or may not drive me to drink, but I wish so much to finish more of what I am truly about

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Either-Or Volume 2


          It would be so hard for me to choose. I have had both cats and dogs of all ages and I have found it is best to get an animal as a baby. Not only are they cutest at that age, but it is easier to form a bond with them. The best way to forge a rewarding relationship of any kind with any "thing" is to share your time with one another.  One of the first and most damning mistakes is to not share "bedtime". Even though flea's, hygiene and allergy issue's may keep you from sleeping with your pet, they are usually open for compromise , of some sort.

          Even thought the word Canine simply means to have Canine teeth, the term Canine refers to "Man's Best Friend" The dog, "Man's First Friend" has tagged along with humans long before domestication. Some archaeological evidence suggests 35 to 40,000 years ago, we already knew how to train them. Not that it is all that difficult, dogs want nothing more than to please their master. There's an Alpha Dog and then there's a Human Master. We are "gold" to them and as long as you respect and understand how and why their mind works, you will find that they are "golden receivers". Dogs are loyal, sincere, protective, compassionate and affectionate and they deserve no less from us

          Felis Silvestris Catus,  at first glance a "typical" household cat is soft, gentile, docile and tame. They make the perfect couch cushions, they can do the most adorable things, they make the strangest noises and they love to rub up against you and anything else around. Cats are very sincere, they are really passionate and they demand affection from whom they pick as their Human. All felines are nocturnal and they are the absolute best at hunting vermin. Although all this make them great for the home, they lack the ability to fend off an intruder, but they are more than capable of saving you from a house fire.

            Our "pets" are our companions, our family and our sanity. We look "up" to them when we are "down" and as always, a relationship goes both ways. Both Dogs and Cats love to bring us gifts, more often than not it is "something" they have just killed and they just want us to recognize and appreciate that.

Please treat animals with the respect they deserve and Do Not Allow the abuse of our most trusting of friends

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf