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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Childhood Bullies Part 3

          A bully is one who without shame, use's intimidation or down-right brute strength in order to feel "whole". But, in fact they are cowards, they are so frightened of "something", it makes them cower and hide behind meanness.  A bully is the manifestation of the phrase, "misery loves company”.

          30 years ago, The idea of "bullies" only existed in or around the "school yard". You would either lose your lunch money or fight back, of coarse, you might still lose your lunch money. That was it, now, after so long of ignoring our kids and how they "feel", this very common and necessary step of "growing up" has turned into a High School Death Match. Every last, I mean ever single last danger or threat can be found in just about any grade, including Homocidal Gunmen. 30 years ago, that was un-heard of.

          These kids are subjected, daily, to the possibilities of--- waking up dead because their parents or family has gone "bonkers". They then try and not get hit by a vehicle of some sort. On the way to school, "I must trust that the bus driver is sober and alert". "Or, what if that mean kid messes with me". At School, "panic, utter panic"! "Is that girl/boy starring me down, does he/she like me or hate me?" "What is that teacher looking at?" "What do you mean I can't sit here!" "No one knows this, thank god, but I want a hug". "Now, reverse that process and go home".----This is what goes through the mind of most kids at school, some scenarios are more intense than others with each child.

          Can we honestly blame even the bully, he or she is already fighting whats at home or whatever is in their mind. Most victims of bullying will continue on their way, as they should. However, some kids fell trapped, cornered and alone, even in a crowd of friends. For kids who have no friends, life can be a little too much to handle. So some decide it's time to go.

          School staff and parents are turning to lawmakers to fix this problem, and in there lies the problem. Once again, and like so many other problems we face, the solution is where or what we hide from. Our children are begging us adults with the real power to just fix it.

          This problem must be fought from inside, that means teaching our children to face head-on, what is called "Life'. Through out our lives, we encounter demons, monsters who's sol purpose is to tear apart the fabric of society. Like with any fabric, no matter how strong, one little snip is all it takes.

          With so many adversaries around us, it is easy to forget the most powerful enemy can often be found from within. That is the biggest and best challenge one faces. Once you defeat your own demons, the others will seem like weak, vulnerable and frightened animals.

    Our own natural tendencies started this, so I think they are the only solution. "Nature or Nurture", "spare the rod, spoil the child", "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". These phrases could help, but phrases like " If you can't beat them, join them" is why so many of the bullied become bullies.     

Boy in the surf

Boy in the surf